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Citrus x latifolia - Persian Lime

Ficus carica 'Chicago Hardy' - Chicago Hardy Fig

Malus 'Braeburn' - Braeburn Apple

Malus 'Cortland' - Cortland Apple

Malus 'Empire' - Empire Apple

Malus 'Fuji' - Fuji Apple

Malus 'Golden Delicious' - Golden Delicious Apple

Malus 'Granny Smith' - Granny Smith Apple

Malus 'Honeycrisp' - Honeycrisp Apple

Malus 'Macintosh' - Macintosh Apple

Malus 'Macoun' - Macoun Apple

Malus 'Mutsu' - Mutsu Apple

Malus 'Royal Gala' - Royal Gala Apple

Prunus 'Elephant Heart' - Elephant Heart Plum

Prunus 'Montmorency' - Montmorency Cherry

Prunus 'Northstar' - Northstar Cherry

Prunus 'Santa Rosa' - Santa Rosa Plum

Prunus armeniaca 'Goldbar' - Goldbar Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Goldstrike' - Goldstrike Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Perfection' - Perfection Apricot

Prunus avium 'Bing' - Bing Cherry

Prunus avium 'Black Tartarian' - Black Tartarian Cherry

Prunus avium 'Stella' - Stella Cherry

Prunus avium 'Sweetheart' - Sweetheart Cherry

Prunus avium 'Van' - Van Cherry

Prunus persica 'Contender' - Contender Peach

Prunus persica 'Elberta' - Elberta Peach

Prunus persica 'J.H. Hale' - J.H. Hale Peach

Prunus persica 'Reliance' - Reliance Peach

Prunus persica var. nucipersica 'Flavortop' - Flavortop Nectarine

Prunus persica var. nucipersica 'Goldmine' - Goldmine Nectarine

Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red' - Canada Red Chokecherry

Pyrus communis 'Anjou' - Anjou Pear

Pyrus communis 'Bartlett' - Bartlett Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Shinseiki' - Shinseiki Asian Pear